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What is a 3D barbed cog lift?

If you’ve never visited an aesthetic clinic before, it can be a little daunting, particularly with all the interesting and wonderful names of some of the treatments. Even if you have visited us before, it can sometimes be hard to understand what a new treatment actually entails.

That’s why at aUK we believe in taking the time to explain to each and every client exactly what a treatment involves, and what they should expect from it.

One of the most common questions we are asked is, ‘What is a 3D barbed cog lift?’

We’ll be the first to admit, something with the word ‘barbed’ in it doesn’t initially sound that appealing, does it? But don’t let the name put you off. It’s actually one of the most effective and exciting treatments we’ve seen in years.

You have probably already heard of PDO threads treatments, which involves introducing threads made of Polydioxanone (PDO) into the deeper layers of the skin in order to provide skin lifting, cellular renewal and skin tightening. 

3D barbed cogs are thicker and longer PDO threads with double sided cogs that are inserted via cannulas (blunt ended needles) into the muscles, then very gently pulled and lifted – rather like a string puppet – to grip and lift whole areas of the face. This means they can provide instant and effective lifts to the mid face, jawline, brow and neck areas.

No wonder then that 3D barbed cog lifts have quickly become the ultimate in anti-ageing treatments. And because we’re at the forefront of aesthetic treatments and technologies, our aesthetic practitioners at aUK have perfected the use of 3D barbed cog lifts under the expert guidance of clinic director Chris Wade – all part of our 10 Years Younger (10 YY) treatment plan

So what’s actually involved?
As part of a typical 3D barbed cogs treatment, a local anaesthetic is applied, making it virtually painless. We promise, you will barely feel a thing.

Very little skin trauma is visible due to the use of cannulas. There is just one tiny puncture hole, generally in the hairline where the cannulas are inserted. At all times you’ll be under the expert care of our professional aesthetic practitioners.

Treatment usually takes around one hour., so you’ll be looking refreshed and more youthful in absolutely no time!


Even we’re excited by the results, and we’ve seen every aesthetic treatment there is to see. And clients who have 3D barbed cogs treatments as part of our 10 YY programme love what they see too!

Results can last up to 3 years, making 3D barbed cogs one of the most effective treatments around. The procedure tightens the skin for between 12 to 24 weeks before the full results are achieved.

And as we use only the highest quality materials available,the 3D barbed cogs provide a stronger anchorage that offers a more stable, strong and uniform look for longer.

Get in touch
If you want to see for yourself how effective 3D barbed cogs can be, get in touch with us here at aUK clinic. We’re always happy to talk through our treatments before you make a decision or part with any money so that you are able to make an informed decision you’re happy and comfortable with.

What’s more, we always provide each and every client with an initial consultation followed by a personalised treatment plan, meaning your treatment is always unique to you.

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