Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure where your practitioner will design the perfect brow that will both suit and accentuate your features achieving the appearance of fuller and precisely shaped brows.

How does it work?
Before the procedure you will have a consultation during which you will discuss how you want your eyebrows to look. The practitioner will then analyse your natural eyebrow shape and colour. They will also look at your skin tone and facial features to determine what will best complement your face. During the procedure, your practitioner uses small blades to make hair-like incisions above the dermis layers while depositing pigments to the incisions.


  • Immediate results – when you leave your microblading appointment, you will immediately notice the difference in your eyebrows. They may appear darker or a little swollen during the healing time, but you will see the results immediately.
  • Convenience – microblading can replace the need for drawing on or filling in the eyebrows.
  • Low maintenance – once you’ve had your eyebrows treated and they’ve healed properly, you require no other treatment until the pigment fades, or until you want a touch up.
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